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Fighters in Valgas' team in the Power Stone anime that are controlled by him with a small black Power Stone and are able to transform.

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Ponta is a man that can transform into a giant two-headed dog. He steals Rouge's Power Stone. After his defeat, a small Power Stone comes out from the back of his neck and he doesn't remember what had happened while it was on him.
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A man that stole Ryoma's Power Stone and later attempts to steal Falcon's. He can change into a gargoyle-like form. Like Ponta, a small Power Stone comes out from his neck after defeat, and he doesn't remember what happened.
23 23
A member of Valgas' team with a short temper. He tried to fight against Wang-Tang when he was making a delivery. He has a golden humanoid-like transformation and attempts to take Gunrock's Power Stone. He is defeated and doesn't remember the events, but Wang-Tang recognizes him as one of the men in Valgas' team.
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Scorpion is a member of Valgas' team that can transform into a giant scorpion. He was given the task to obtain Galuda's Power Stone.
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Three men that appear in Dark Land. One transforms into a giant bird, one into a strong humanoid form, and one into a three-headed snake able to release flames from the mouths.
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A man that has a minotaur-like transformation.
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A man with a dragon-like transformation.
Unknown 26
Various monster seen briefly in the last episode. They attempt to stop Rouge, Ryoma and Wang-Tang.

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