World map in the first game's title screen.

The World of Power Stone, or Power Stone World, is the main setting from the Power Stone series. In the games it resembles the real-life Earth in the 19th century, except for some differences like location names and the existence of Power Stones.


Pieces of a world map in the first game.

LocationReal world reference
LondoLondon, Europe
MahdadBaghdad, Asia
OedoEdo, Asia
MutsuNortheast of Asia
Avalon Is.The legendary Avalon, located in the North Pacific Ocean in the series
DullstownWest of North America
DawnvoltaEast of North America
ManchesManchester, Europe



World map in the anime.

In the anime, the Power Stone world is a completely fictional planet with eight large islands: Sun Land, Moon Land, Wood Land, Fire Land, Gold Land, Soil Land, Aqua Land, and Dark Land.


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