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The Power Stone Mystery
Season 1, Episode 1


Japanese 活劇! 秘石の謎
Romanji Katsugeki! Hiseki no Nazo
Air date April 3, 1999 (JP)
Written by Sukehiro Tomita
Directed by Takahiro Omori
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The Power Stone Mystery (活劇! 秘石の謎 Katsugeki! Hiseki no Nazo, lit. "Fight! The Mystery of the Stone") is the very first episode of the Power Stone animated series. The episode aired in Japan on April 3, 1999.


Edward Falcon is a rich teenager who moved to the suburbs to become a championship fighter like his idol Valgas, by going against numerous underground matches. One day, his butler Apollus appears with a birthday package from his father, containing only an ordinary stone.

Seeing it as just a stone, Falcon takes no interest while Apollus debates if it is one of the legendary Power Stones Falcon father left to scour the globe. After meeting the beautiful fortune teller Rouge, Falcon encounters the two pirates Octo and Pus who have been tailing him for the stone. Falcon manages to fend off the pirates and their crew while encountering Ayame and Ryoma during the chase.

Eventually, Ryoma and the pirates corner Falcon leaving him alone to fight against them all. Suddenly, the stone breaks revealing a red Power Stone that transforms Falcon into Red Whirlwind. With his new powers, Falcon easily defeats the pirates. Surprised by these events, he wonders what his father has gotten him into.