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Samurai Spirit
Season 1, Episode 4


Air date April 24, 1999 (JP)
Written by Kenichi Araki
Directed by Kenji Yasuda
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Samurai Spirit
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The Ghost Ship (恐怖を呼ぶ幽霊船, Kyōfu o Yobu Yūreisen, lit. "Cry Out in Fear, the Ghost Ship") is the fourth episode of the Power Stone animated series. The episode aired in Japan on April 24, 1999.


Fokker goes to see the opera. Opera is also noble preference ... ... but never. It is because I invite Rouge to this opera. However, what appeared in the place of wait was "Ayame". To Tohoko's Fokker, Ayame is perfect. Alice glad, sadly ant, but of course, the truth of Ayame was in a different place ... ....