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Shadow Warriors
Season 1, Episode 2


Japanese 風を切る影の軍団
Romanji Kaze wo kiru Kage no Gundan
Air date April 10, 1999 (JP)
Written by Masafumi Yokoyama
Directed by Atsushi Takata
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Shadow Warriors (風を切る影の軍団 Kazewokiru Kage no Gundan, lit. "Against The Wind, The Shadow Clan") is the second episode of the Power Stone animated series. The episode aired in Japan on April 10, 1999.


Still resuming his life, Falcon keeps getting pestered by Apollus to come home or the while, search for his father to inquire about the Power Stone from the previous episode. Falcon refuses to search for his neglective father, so he keeps ignoring Apollus while investigating the stone on his own. He heads off to consult with Rouge again where her divinations come up with no answer only for the stone to glow with visions of Pride Falcon and Valgas.

Falcon and Apollus walk home while Falcon reminisces his childhood where his father never came to his aid while being bullied. They were then ambushed by Ayame and her ninja family who were sent on a mission to retrieve the Power stone for their homeland. Despite odds, Falcon transforms and fends off the ninjas while tending to an injured Ayame.

The next day, Falcon attends a show at Ayame's family circus while being greeted by a thankful Ayame. Meanwhile, Ryoma stands alone at the shores waiting for Falcon to accept his challenge, in which the latter forgot.