Samurai Spirit
Season 1, Episode 3


Japanese 燃えるサムライ魂
Romanji Moeru Samurai Tamashī
Air date April 17, 1999 (JP)
Written by Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Directed by Kenichi Takeshita
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Samurai Spirit (燃えるサムライ魂, Moeru Samurai Tamashī) is the third episode of the Power Stone animated series. The episode aired in Japan on April 17, 1999.


A Ryoma that is overcoming duel with Fokker. In the cold wind blowing, I will catch cold, fried eggs that took awhile all day. Ryoma, which does not fit in this way, went out to the city looking for Fokker. Then Fokker will come walking from the other side with no-nooko? Anyway winning a match! Ryoma's enthusiasm is frightful. There was a certain reason for that ... ....