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Ryoma in Power Stone
Vital statistics
Title Master Swordsman
Gender Male
Age 19 (Game)[1]

18 (Anime)[2]

Height 170 cm (5'7")
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs)
Stage Mutsu
Main item Amenomurakumo
Appearances Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Power Stone (anime)
Power Stone (manga)
Voice actor Atsushi Tanaka (games)
Mitsuo Iwata (anime)
Edward Glen (English dub anime)

Ryoma (竜馬 Ryōma) is a playable character from the Power Stone series.


Originally a samurai from a small island nation, Ryoma got tired of living on the island and wanted to see the wide world with his own eyes. Determined, the ronin set out on a rowboat journey and tours the world. He can cut anything down in half with his blade and wants to test himself by seeing how far he can go with only one sword.

(In English sources his story is slightly different, being similar to his anime story)

In his ending, "The Vast World", Ryoma breaks the Power Stone, saying that he doesn't need it. The universe is vast and infinite, and the thought of what lies ahead is invigorating and embarks on a new adventure.

In Power Stone 2, Ryoma finally managed to obtain a legendary sword, "Tosa Arashi" (土佐嵐). He enjoys the moonlight reflecting on its edge, which cuts through iron like tofu. Suddenly, a strange light bounces off the sword's edge and shines on the huge shadow of a floating castle that appeared between the clouds. Ryoma's body flies up in the air. "Is this sword... guiding me to evil? Anyway, this is a good chance to give it a try." Ryoma goes up to the castle guided by the light of the sword. "Whatever enemy is waiting, I'll slice it up with this!"


Ryoma has long blackish-green/greenish-black hair which is tied in a ponytail and black eyes. He wears a yellow spotted vest under a blue traditional Japanese garb with white spirals on both upper sleeves of his garb, blue hakama with two cyan designs and it has a rip on the edge of both sides and geta sandals. He also has a yellow belt tied on his hakama and has a black sword holster for his katana on the left side of his waist and a red sword holster for his long katana on the right side and has a green sack with light green designs tied on front to resemble a scarf at the left side of his vest. He also dons yellow gauntlets beneath his sleeves.

In his anime appearance, he remains largely the same but with minor changes; his Japanese garb and hakama are indigo blue and the hem of his hakama is no longer ripped and was tucked into a dark yellow wraps on both of his ankles, his vest is no longer spotted as well as his sack is no longer has a design, his geta sandals are replaced with dark yellow sandals and a matching indigo blue tabi and his yellow gauntlets are darker to match his belt and sandals. In some episodes, he wears a white fundoshi with or without the rear apron beneath his main outfit.

In his Power Change Mode, he dons a silver metal samurai-esque suit with a large circle in the center of his chest, resembling the color scheme of Japan's flag. He wears a matching silver Genji helmet.

Special Moves[]

His katana gives his attacks a long reach, but large swings and movements leave him open and vulnerable. With a sword in hand, he can have a tough time picking up and throwing objects. In the anime, he is seen to be able to fight by dual wielding with his two katanas.

Ryoma's Power Change is a beetle-like silver samurai with electric powers.

Power Drive
Raijinken.png Raijinken (雷刃剣 Thunder Blade Sword)
Ryoma will vertically swing his sword, unleashing three lightning bolts. In the anime, it was called Thunder Blade as he uses this to slash Falcon's Power Missile in one hit during his duel with Falcon.
Iaidozan.png Raizan (居合斬 Quick Strike)
Ryoma will place his sword in its sheath. By pressing the attack button he will draw his sword a lightning speed. A small slash mark will appear in front of him and flash, releasing a line of energy that damages his opponents. In the anime, it was called Sword of Light.
Power Fusion
MidareZantou.png Midare Zantou (乱れ斬刀 Spring of Knives)
Ryoma will surround himself in a golden aura and repeatedly swing his sword, unleashing numerous crescent slashes at his enemies. In the anime, it was called Spring of Knives and was used to combined with Falcon's Power Hurricane to put out the fire on Mistress Ganna's house. Later on, he uses this to cut most of the trees as some of the branches that he cut manage to knock two of the Tsurugi brothers and dispersing most of the sharks summoned by Kraken in his Power Change form.
TenchiRyoudan.png Tenchi Ryoudan (天地両断 Heaven and Earth Bisection)
Ryoma will spin in the air, slashing anyone caught in the range of his sword before slamming into the ground and releasing a shockwave.


Power Stone[]

Voice Original Translation
Appearance A わしと勝負だ!
Appearance B いざ!
Provocation しばし待たれよ
断末魔 み、見事〜っ!
気合い(small) ふんっ
気合い(medium) おらっ
気合い(big) うらっ〜
Combo last どりゃ〜
Throw いくぜよ!
投げすかり なにっ?
設定物投げ/蹴る/押す これじゃ〜っ!
やられ(small) ぐっ
やられ(big) うっ
やられ(ぶっとび) おわっ〜
燃えやられ あちっ!
つぼかぶり なんじゃ〜!
捉まり おらっよ!
避け あまいぜよ!
受け身 はぁっ!
Item get いざ!
勝利(1) ふ、またいづれ...
勝利(2) しからば、これにて
Continue わずか届かず...
変身時の声1(1P側) 装着っ!
変身時の声2(2P側) 奥義っ!
Special Move P 雷刃剣!
Special Move K 斬(ざん)っ!
Super Special Move PJ みだれぎり〜!
Super Special Move KJ 天誅めっぱっ!


Ryoma is a samurai from Moon Land that soon ran out of worthy opponents who could compete with his skill and test his might. His master gives him a Power Stone and tells him to travel the world to improve his skills, especially to challenge someone with a Power Stone. When he discovers that Edward Falcon has one, he challenges him for a duel. Although Ryoma has a Power Stone, he doesn't like to transform, preferring to fight with his own abilities due to his pride as a swordsman. He has a crush on Rouge.



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