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Vital statistics
Title Scorching Beauty
(灼熱の魔女, "Scorching Enchantress")
Gender Female
Age 23 (Game)[1]

20 (Anime)[2]

Height 168 cm (5'6")
Weight 48 kg (105 lbs)
Stage Mahdad
Main item Crystal Ball
Appearances Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Power Stone (anime)
Power Stone (manga)
Voice actor Sakiko Tamagawa (games)
Ryōko Nagata (anime)
Stacey DePass (English dub anime)

Rouge (ルージュ Rūju) is a playable character from the Power Stone series.


Rouge, the wandering fortuneteller, is both mysterious and graceful. Guided by signs from her crystal ball, her predictions being always accurate, she is dancing her way around the world in a search for the famed Power Stones. Even in the battle arena her graceful moves look more like dancing than fighting. She can wield fire as easily and naturally as her own arms and legs, putting the heat on any opponent who stands in her way.

In her ending, "Do Dreams Come True?" (ムフフッ!?, "Mufufu!?"), Rouge wants to use the Power Stone to bring happiness to every person in the world. Three years later, she has a tent in a World Fair in Paris, Maison de Rouge, and tells a client that her stone can make anything he wishes for come true. This ends up being quite embarrassing for her when he wishes to see her naked.

In Power Stone 2, Rouge has an ominous feeling when her crystal ball cracks while looking at the mysterious shadow that appeared from the sky. More than anything, she can't stand having her occupational tools broken. Just in case, she meditates and asks the Power Stone to send her to the source of the shadow. When she opens her eyes, she is inside the flying castle that people have been talking about, and senses an evil force in its depths.


Rouge is a dark-skinned woman with brown eyes and long brown braided hair that generally covers her left eye. She wears a white headband with the red gem on the center, a blue sleeveless crop top with a brown and gold collar, long white gloves with gold trim, purple harem pants with pink trim and brown shoes. She also wearas golden earrings and blue armbands to match her top. In the second game, the hoop at the end of her braid resembles a heart.

In her anime appearance, she appears almost the same as in the games, with her top is now white without matching armbands and her collar is purple to match her pants.

When she is about to go with Falcon at the opera, Rouge has her hair down and wears a pale blue strapless formal gown with white long formal gloves. She has a matching pale blue headband, a maroon belt adorned with a ribbon at the back, and black high heels.

The color scheme on her gown is the color scheme of her bra top from her original outfit in the games.

In her Power Change form, Rouge is barefoot and has fire hair that flows upwards. She has gold wraps and tassels on her chest and wears a large gold bolero-like object around her neck. She has pink see-through harem pants with a pink belt hanging from them and gold ankle bracelets.

Special Moves[]

Though her normal attack and defense abilities are relatively low, Rouge can wield her fire attacks from a long distance and inflict severe damage. Her running and jumping speeds are also higher than the other fighters.

During Power Change, she has a genie-like appearance with fiery hair. A fireball with an eye follows her. In the anime, she can summon a magic carpet that can fly after she rescues an injured Ryoma from a burning palace, absorbing the flames in the burning shipwreck and can melt through ice.

Power Drive
Sigh of Hellfire.png Hellfire Sign

(業火の吐息, also known as Breath of Hellfire)

Rouges releases flames from her mouth. In the anime, it was called Carpet Bomb as she releases flames on both of her hands instead of using her mouth in the games.
DreamTemptation.png Dream Temptation (夢への誘い)
Rouge dives at the opponent while riding a magic carpet. In the anime, it was used to chase both Octo and Pus after they manage to freeze Ryoma on ice. Not present in Power Stone 2.
Power Fusion
FieryTrap.png Fiery Trap (灼熱の罠)
Rouge's fireball increases in size and throws it in the ground, spreading a wave of flames around her. In the anime, it was called Red Hot Trap and it was used to fight against Jack in his Power Change form
SecretHeaven.png Secret Heaven (秘密の天国)
Rouge catches the opponent and attacks several times while carpets fly around them. Not present in Power Stone 2.
Summon Giant
Mid-air in Power Stone. Her fireball transforms into a giant head that spits fire.


Power Stone[]

Voice Original Translation
Appearance A うふふ、やけどするわよ Ufufu, you'll get burned
Appearance B 可愛いがってあげる I'll be gentle
Taunt かかってらっしゃい Come on~
Defeated いや〜ん Nooooo~!
Kiai (small) やっ Yah
Kiai (medium) たあっ Taah
Kiai (big) それっ There!
Combo Last どう〜かしら? How's this~?
Throw はっ! Hah!
Throw Miss あらっ? Oh?
Setting Object Throw/Kick/Push いけ〜 Go~
Hit (small) くっ Argh
Hit (big) きゃっ Kyah
Hit (ぶっとび) きゃぁ Kyaa
Burned あつ〜い Ho~t
Vase on head いやん、見えない! Nooo, I can't see!
Grab よっと
Avoiding こっちよっ Over here
Defensive はっ、と
Item Get いただくわ! Get!
Victory (1) また遊んであげるわ Let's play again sometime~
Victory (2) も、え、た? Bur,ne,d?
Continue ねぇもう一度でいいから Hey, let me try it once more~
During Transformation 1 (1P side) 炎の精霊よ Spirit of Fire!
During Transformation 2 (2P side) 導いてあげる I'll lead
Special Move P もえなさ〜い Burn~
Special Move K いい子ね Good kid
Special Move (S)P+K+PJ1 いくわよ Here I go
Super Special Move PJ1 はぁぁ〜 Haaaa~
Super Special Move KJ2 可愛いがってあげる I'll take care of you
Super Special Move KJ1+PJ2 それ〜 There~


Rouge is a fortune-teller from Fire Land who is well known for her accurate predictions. While in Londo, she meets Edward Falcon and Ryoma, with the two developing crushes on her. She later discovers that her crystal ball had a Power Stone inside, which allowed her to see into the future.

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