Powerful Buster

Powerful Buster (パワフルバスター Pawafuru Basutā) is an item from Power Stone 2. This weapon fires energy shots, which can be charged for increased power.

Power Stone 2

Item No. 12 Powerful Buster Level 6 Firearms MiniBook012.png
Description Hold the Attack button down to charge power.
Duration Use (x4) Buy --- Sell 69000


Created from

Item Book:

  1. Arm Gun + Beam Gun
  2. Arm Gun + Driver's License (main)
  3. Arm Gun + Power Stone Magazine (x3)


  • Arm Gun + Big Racket
  • Arm Gun + Light Element
  • Arm Gun + Scrap


Item Result
Ray Gun Beam Gun
Homing Missile Arm Gun (x3)
Soap Bubble Gun Beam Gun
Medusa Arm Gun
Beam Sword Arm Gun (x2)
Rabbit Ear Rabbit Arm (main), Rabbit Tail, Punching Gloves


The Powerful Buster is based on the Mega Buster from the Mega Man (Rockman) series. Its sell price is also a reference, as 69 in Japanese can be read as "rokku".

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