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Power Stone (パワーストーン Pawā Sutōn) is a 26 episode anime television show produced by Studio Pierrot in association with Capcom and directed by Takahiro Omori. It is based on the first Power Stone game but differs from the game storyline in terms of plot and character relationships. The anime aired in Japan from April 3, 1999, to September 25, 1999. It was later dubbed in English and other languages.


Character Japanese voice actor English voice actor
Edward Falcon Masaya Onosaka Robert Tinkler
Ayame Tomoko Kawakami Stephanie Morgenstern
Ryoma Mitsuo Iwata Edward Glen
Rouge Ryōko Nagata Stacey Depass
Wang-Tang Megumi Ogata Peter Oldring
Gunrock Kiyoyuki Yanada Richard Clarkin
Galuda Masafumi Kimura Dennis Sugiyama
Jack Wataru Takagi Julie Lemieux
Kraken Kazuo Oka George Buza
Valgas Akio Ōtsuka Tony Daniels
Apollus Kenichi Ogata William Colgate
Kikonojo Unknown Damon D'Oliveira
Pride Falcon Jūrōta Kosugi Maurice Dean Wint
Jane Falcon Yūko Mizutani Susan Roman
Octo Tōru Ōkawa Robert Smith
Pus Tomohiro Nishimura Eddie Glen
Cassie Yuri Shiratori Stephanie Morgenstern
Neros Akio Ōtsuka Toby Proctor


# English title Japanese title
1 The Power Stone Mystery 活劇! 秘石の謎
2 Shadow Warriors 風を斬る影の軍団
3 Samurai Spirit 燃えるサムライ魂
4 The Ghost Ship 恐怖を呼ぶ幽霊船
5 Girl Trouble 女の子は怖いぞ〜
6 Another Power Stone もうひとつの魔石
7 The Great Eagle's Egg 眠眠山の荒修業
8 The Pirate Kraken 強敵! クラーケン
9 The Black Crystal 黒水晶の野望
10 Red Moon 夢で見た赤い月
11 Gold Rush ゴールドラッシュ
12 Escape from Mystery Mountain 魔の山の大脱出
13 The Assistant いざ! 助太刀ぜよ!
14 The Great Thirst 大江戸は大騒ぎ!
15 Ninja Rain 雨を呼ぶ女忍者
16 Jack's Secret ジャックの秘密
17 The Distant Sacred Land 遥かなる聖地
18 Run Toward Tomorrow 明日に向かって走れ!
19 Danger Cruise 豪華客船危機一髪
20 Get Kraken! 倒せ! クラーケン
21 Valgas' Promise ヴァルガスの約束
22 Crisis in the House of Falcon フォッカー家の一大事
23 Pursuit of the Power Stones 魔石を追って
24 United We Stand! 集え! 勇者たち!
25 Battle Field 戦いの地
26 Hill of Destiny 約束の丘

Theme Songs[]

DVD Releases[]


Power Stone was released by Bandai Visual in VHS, LD and DVD.

Title Item Number Episodes
Power Stone Volume 1 BES-2398 BEAL-1453 BCBA-0256 1-2
Power Stone Volume 2 BES-2399 BEAL-1454 BCBA-0257 3-6
Power Stone Volume 3 BES-2400 BEAL-1455 BCBA-0258 7-10
Power Stone Volume 4 BES-2401 BEAL-1456 BCBA-0259 11-14
Power Stone Volume 5 BES-2402 BEAL-1457 BCBA-0260 15-18
Power Stone Volume 6 BES-2403 BEAL-1458 BCBA-0261 19-22
Power Stone Volume 7 BES-2404 BEAL-1459 BCBA-0262 23-26

North America[]

Power Stone was released in six DVD volumes by ADV Films.

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