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Pharaoh Walker (ファラオウォーカー) is a character from the Power Stone series of 3D fighting games. It is a non-playable mini-boss in Power Stone 2.


The Pharaoh Walker is a giant sphinx-like robot, controlled by numerous masked men. The pilots inside can send homing electric spheres at player, while the Pharaoh Walker itself can attack by lashing out its tongue, crouching down and spinning its legs, or jumping up and paralyzing the player upon landing. On top of that, the Pharaoh Walker sports a powerful laser on its tail that can destroy the stage's surrounding cacti and damage the player.

Players can attack the Pharaoh Walker's legs until it falls, at which point its head can be attacked for more damage. Alternately, players can temporarily take control of the machine by attacking the tail's pilot while on top of it and use the controls to shoot its head to deal heavier damage.

If the Pharaoh Walker is not defeated within the time limit, it will jump onto a hill in the background and shoot its laser at the playing field, killing all players instantly.


  • The Pharaoh Walker resembles a Sphinx.
  • The Pharaoh Walker bears a slight resemblance to the AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars.
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