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Power Stone 2
Vital statistics
Title Inventor Boy
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 130cm
Weight 16kg
Stage None
Main item Turbo Helmet
Appearances Power Stone 2
Voice actor Ayumi Kida

Pete (ピート Pīto) is a playable character from Power Stone 2.


In a tiny house in a far off land, there was a toy chest in the corner. Suddenly one day, a doll popped out, shining with a heavenly glow. "Finally! I can finally move on my own!" The doll's name is Pete, and in his chest is a shiny stone. Through the Power Stone, the fond wish of Pete's owner had finally come true - and given Pete life. "My dream is to create wonderful things that surprise and delight people everywhere!" With that, Pete flew out the window, climbing higher and higher into the sky and getting into a flying castle.

In Power Stone Collection, Pete can be unlocked in the first Power Stone.

Special Moves[]

Pete's reach is short, but once within range, he can unleash a rapid series of attacks. His small size and agile movements help him dodge opponents' attacks.

When transformed, Pete becomes a super-powerful toy robot.

Power Drive
Energy Shot (エナジーショット)
Shoots a non-homing lightning bolt.
Power Fusion
L Toy Parade (トイパレード)
On the ground, he conjures up many nutcrackers that shoots bullets.
Propeller Dream (プロペラドリーム)
When in mid-air, he conjures and guides propellers to the opponent.
R Electric Sphere (エレクトリックスフィア)
Generates a barrier sphere of electricity around him.
Electric Pillar (エレクトリックピラー)
When in mid-air, he spins unnaturally fast while generating electricity.


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