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Machine Gun

Machine Gun (機関銃) is an item from Power Stone and Power Stone 2. This long range weapon does little damage, but in compensation fire multiple times.

Power Stone[]

In the first game the Machine Gun is an extra weapon unlocked by completing the game with two characters. It can fire 50 bullets, which are all fired in nine button presses, the first eight rounds firing 6 bullets and last 2 bullets. This count is only valid when used in the ground or in the air as, if the Machine Gun is used in the air and the user lands before firing six bullets, six additional bullets will be fired. While each bullet does little damage, their total damage is high. With standard game settings, hitting an opponent will all bullets is enough to defeat most characters, except for those with high defense like Gunrock and Valgas.

Power Stone 2[]

Item No. 2 Machine Gun Level 1 Firearms Mini Book
Description No need to take a break with this rapid-fire weapon.
Duration Use (x4) Buy 5500 Sell 2000

Machine Guns always appear in the corners of the aircraft from the first area of the Blue Sky Area, making it a good place to gather them in Adventure Mode. The amount of bullets it can fire was reduced, making it less powerful.


Created from[]

Item Book:

  1. Gun + Gunpowder
  2. Gun + Iron (main result)
  3. Gun + Cartwheel (creates 2 Machine Guns)


  • Gun + Iron Pipe
  • Gun + Wind-Up Key
  • Gun + Gold
  • Soap Bubble Gun + Small Bomb
  • Soap Bubble Gun + Medium Bomb
  • Soap Bubble Gun + Large Bomb


Item Result
Gun 3-Way Shotgun (main), Ray Gun, Magic Rod
Bazooka 3-Way Shotgun
Ray Gun Beam Gun
Soap Bubble Gun Bazooka
Tranquilizer Soap Bubble Gun
Power Sword Manches Chainsaw
Flame Sword Flame Thrower
Deluxe Umbrella Stone Sweeper
Deluxe Spear Stone Sweeper
Scooter Thunderbolt Rider
Devil Wing Manches Chainsaw
Deluxe Shield Stone Sweeper
Fire Dragon Flame Thrower
Rabbit Tail Soap Bubble Gun (main), Gun, Bazooka, Magic Rod
Flame Element Flame Thrower (main), Machine Gun, Soap Bubble Gun, Bazooka, Magic Rod
Magic Element 3-Way Shotgun
Oil Manches Chainsaw
Chemical Soap Bubble Gun

Power Stone (anime)[]

Machine Gun in the anime.

In one episode, Octo and Pus attempt to take down the Hockenheim with a machine gun, but they accidentally fire on their own transport and fall in the water.

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