Vital statistics
Title "The Revived Pirate Captain"
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 210 cm (6'11")
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Stage Skullhaven
Main item None
Appearances Power Stone
Power Stone (anime)
Voice actor Takeshi Aono (game)
Kazuo Oka (anime)
George Buza (English dub anime)

Kraken (クラーケン Kurāken) is a boss and playable character from the Power Stone series.


Kraken is the penultimate opponent in Power Stone, being fought in his ship, Skullhaven. He is the brutal and cunning captain of the pirate group known as King Octopus and has a large artificial right hand.

Kraken can be unlocked in the Dreamcast and PSP versions of the game after completing the game with all eight standard characters. In his ending, "Revival!" (リヴァイヴ!), Kraken uses the Power Stone to revive his pirate mates, and they obtain control over the seas, being feared by all sailors.

Kraken doesn't appear in the original Power Stone 2, but he can be unlocked in Power Stone Collection by completing the 1-on-3 mode.

Special MovesEdit

Despite his age, Kraken has high offensive and defensive power, but his movements are somewhat slow. He mainly relies on brutally attacking his opponents or acting slyly. His gun and giant claw give him more range and power, and the claw is big enough to hold a person. His claw can also be replaced by other devices, transforming into a drill when jumping from a pole. In the anime, he has a buccaneer fighting style able to defeat his opponents with one knock out blow.

When transformed, Kraken has a ghost-like appearance. His head becomes a skull, his claw is sharp, and his gun turns into a small cannon. In the anime, he is able to summon wild sea animals from the ocean and waters using the Aqua Stone to attack Falcon and his group.

Power Drive
SkullGun Skull Gun (スカルガン Sukaru Gan)
Kraken fires cannonballs from his gun. In the anime, he uses this ability during his last stand against Edward Falcon at Aqua Land.
SkullWire Skull Wire (スカルワイヤー Sukaru Waiyā)
Kraken's claw stretches to catch the opponent and he pulls himself to their position. He also uses this in the anime to ensnare his opponent.
Power Fusion
SkullVacuum Skull Vacuum (スカルバキューム Sukaru Bakyūmu)
Kraken's head becomes big and he starts sucking the opponent, chewing the victim.
SkullSoul Skull Soul (スカルソウル Sukaru Souru)
Kraken releases several ghosts from his mouth. He uses this as a desperate move during his last stand against Edward Falcon before the latter defeats him with his Power Rocket and Ayame retrieves the Aqua stone from him.


Appearance Aいたぶってやる〜
Appearance B邪魔はさせん!
Kiai (small)てぁTea
Kiai (medium)かっKah
Kiai (big)はぁ〜Haaa
Combo Lastんっぎゃ〜
Throw Missおろっ?
Setting Object Throw/Kick/Pushそらっ
Hit (small)ぐぅ
Hit (big)ぐわぁ
Hit (ぶっとび)ぐぉ〜
Vase in Headみ、見えん
Item Getいただきじゃ
Victory (1)わがはいは世界一じゃ
Victory (2)サメのエサにしてやるわ
During Transformation 1 (1P side)逃がさんぞ
During Transformation 2 (2P side)粉々にしてやるわ
Special Move Pあたるのだ
Special Move Kしゃぁ〜
Super Special Move PJ1逃がさん
Super Special Move PJ2かっ〜
Super Special Move KJくらえ〜


Kraken has the aqua Power Stone and wants to conquer the world.



  • Kraken is named after the legendary sea monster Kraken.
  • Kraken's design was inspired on the train conductor from Galaxy Express 999.[1]


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