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King Octopus members revived by Kraken in his ending.

King Octopus (キングオクトパス)[1] is a feared group of pirates led by Kraken. By the time of Power Stone, Kraken is the only member alive, and he wants to use the Power Stone to revive his crew and continue his reign of terror. Two of the deceased members are named Thompson (トムソン) and King (キング).


In the anime, Kraken's pirate gang is formed by Kraken himself as the leader, the brothers Octo and Pus as his right hand men, and several fishermen that he recruited in Aqua Land, where he set his hideout. Kraken wants to obtain the Power Stones to conquer the world. After Edward Falcon and his friends foiled their plans in Fire Land, Gold Land and Moon Land, they went after Kraken to stop him, taking his Power Stone and destroying his ship. As the fishermen were not happy working for Kraken, they abandoned him. In the last episode, Kraken, Octo, and Pus try to reconquer Aqua Land, starting by getting fish to feed them, without success, the women from the fishermen throwing stones at them and telling them to stop being lazy and go work.


  1. While mentioned in Kraken's ending, it was not made clear if King Octopus is the name of the group or their ship.
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