Vital statistics
Title Mad Clown
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 190 cm (6'3")
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs)
Stage Manches
Main item Manches Chainsaw
Appearances Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Power Stone (anime)
Voice actor Wataru Takagi
Julie Lemieux (English dub anime)

Jack (ジャック Jakku) is a playable character from the Power Stone series. In the anime, his full name is Jack Winslow and is a recurring enemy until Episode 25.


Jack makes no distinction between right and wrong. He only cares about pretty, shiny things, and cutting with his knife. In Manches, his hometown, Jack the Slayer used to stop women and steal their shiny jewelry. But then one day he overheard a tale about the Power Stones, the most dazzling jewels in all the world, and he immediately set off to claim them for his own.

In his ending, "Who is This Guy?" (フー? Fū?, "Huh?"), Jack finds the Power Stone in Avalon Is. and wishes for everyone to believe that he was arrested, calming the population and making it easier for him to obtain shiny objects.

In Power Stone 2, Jack's wishes were increasing after he obtained the Power Stone. "I want more shiny things... I want to slice more...!", he says. As if in response to his desire, he hears a mysterious voice echoing in his ears: "A mysterious castle will emerge in the night sky at the next full moon. There, a lot of shiny treasures are waiting..." Without noticing that it's an invitation from the darkness, Jack is happily absorbed into the floating castle during the full moon.

Special MovesEdit

Jack's moves are surprisingly agile, mysterious and unpredictable, due to him being able to contort his body, but he is not as powerful as his appearance suggests. He is better at rapid attacks, disturbing the opponent's rhythm and wearing the enemy down over time. In the anime, he is a knife expert wielding dual knives as he quickly slashes their jewelry in quick succession and also slashes Falcon's bow tie and pink collar and Rouge's long skirt from her pale blue strapless gown. He is also known to use punches and kicks to his opponent.

When transformed, his hands and feet become giant blades. In both games, Jack's color from his Power Change form is either blue or green. But in the anime, it is purple.

Power Drive
RollingSlash Rolling Slash (ローリングスラッシュ Rōringu Surasshu)
Jack uses his arm to slice the opponent. In the anime, it was used to deflect Ayame's Flower Shuriken and Rouge's Hellfire Sign during their handicap match. Not present in Power Stone 2.
RoundSlash Round Slash (ラウンドスラッシュ Raundo Surasshu)
Power Fusion
KillerDance Killer Dance (キラーダンス Kirā Dansu)
Jack spins his arms at high speed to slice his opponent, hovering upward for a short time.
MiseryRain Misery Rain (ミザリーレイン Mizarī Rein)
Jack unleashes energy blades at the opponent.


Power StoneEdit

Intro Aそれ、もらうThat, I'll take
Intro Bギャハハハ〜Gyahahaha~
Tauntらん、ら、らん、ら〜んRan, ra, ran, raaann
Kiai (small)ひゃっHyah
Kiai (medium)しゃっShaah
Kiai (big)しゃおぅ!Shaau!
Combo LastギヒャハハGihyahaha
Throw Missへぇ?Heh?
Object Throw/Kick/Pushシュート!Shoot!
Hit (small)ぐっGuh
Hit (medium)ぎゃっGyah
Hit (big)いた〜いっOuuuch
Vase on headふんっ、ふっFunn, fuh
Item Getふぁ〜い!Faaai!
Victory (1)もっと遊ぼうよ〜ひひっLet's play more ~ hihih
Victory (2)光る石、欲しい...Shiny stone, I want...
Continueコワレチャッタ〜I got broken~
During Transformation 1 (1P side)いくよ〜Here goes~
During Transformation 2 (2P side)ショータイム!Showtime!
Special Move Pぎゅるぎゅる〜Gyurugyuru~
Special Move (RE) Pしゃおぅ!Shaou!
Special Move Kシュート!Shoot!
Super Special Move PJきってやる〜!I'll cut~!
Super Special Move KJヒュ〜!Hyuuu!


Jack is from Sun Land who is the last surviving member of the Winslow family. As his deceased mother loved shiny stones, Jack himself also developed an attraction for shiny objects. His ultimate goal is to find a Power Stone like the one in his mother's portrait, having an abnormal obsession for it. He has a high-pitched voice and laugh, moves in a tricky way and hits his opponents with knives.



  • Jack appears to be based on the serial killer Jack the Ripper.
  • Jack's appearance of a green jacket and wrapped face, may be based on Lupin the III during the climax of Castle of Cagliostro Film.
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