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The Hockenheim (ホッケンハイム号 Hokkenhaimu Gou) is a red biplane piloted by Edward Falcon, and sometimes by Pride Falcon. Like Falcon's jacket, it contains a picture of Michelle Heart.

Hockenheim in the anime

In Power Stone, Falcon is seen piloting the Hockenheim in the game credits. In Falcon's ending, Pride uses the Hockenheim to rescue his son.

In Falcon's mini-game, he pilots the Hockenheim and it is able to Power Change into a rocket.

In Power Stone 2, Falcon crash-landed in Dr. Erode's flying castle, and it the ending it is used to escape from the castle, with player 1 piloting while player 2 holds its wings. The Hockenheim suffered some damage during the escape, but one of the Power Stones got stuck on its wing.

The Hockenheim is Falcon's main transport in the Power Stone anime. The plane is similar to its game counterpart, except that the Michelle Heart image was replaced by a blue bird.




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