Vital statistics
Title Heavy Tank
Gender Male
Age 38
Height 201 cm (6'7")
Weight 111 kg (244 lbs)
Stage Dawnvolta
Main item Giant Boots
Appearances Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Power Stone (anime)
Voice actor Yōsuke Akimoto (games)
Kiyoyuki Yanada (anime)
Richard Clarkin (English dub anime)

Gunrock (ガンロック Ganrokku) is one of the playable characters from the Power Stone series.


Gunrock is a miner from Dawnvolta with nerves of solid steel and never gets upset. This kind-hearted father willing works in mines. One day, he heard about the legendary Power Stones from a fellow miner and departs in a journey to obtain them. In fighting, he relies on his unrivaled brute strength.

In his ending, "The Great Power Stone!" (グレイト!, "Great!"), Gunrock finds the Power Stone in Avalon Is.. Back in his hometown, he was seen playing cards at a bar. With the help of the Power Stone, he gains a royal flush and wins the game. He buys a round of drinks for everyone in the bar and is happy that he will never need to worry about paying for drinks again.

In Power Stone 2, Gunrock was having fun drinking with his friends, but he was starting to get bored with his everyday life. Wanting to go out in a treasure hunt again, he obtained information about a flying castle said to contain an ultimate treasure that no one has ever seen. He decides to search for it, and a few days later, the floating castle appeared on the top of the Chomoran Mountain as the rumors foretold. Using an oversized cannon that he bought, he points it toward the castle, gets inside and fires himself to get inside.


Gunrock wears a blue bandanna on his head, a pair of golden yellow thick scarf with yellow diamond designs and yellow designs at the edge of his scarf, green pants, blue gloves and brown boots.

His anime appearance remains largely the same as in the games but minor changes; his bandanna and gloves are light yellow, his golden yellow thick scarf no longer have diamond designs and the yellow designs changed to brown with two white stripes at the edge of his scarf and his pants is changed to olive green and have a blue heart-shaped sewn at the back of his pants.


Gunrock is a powerful fighter with a huge built, and his immense strength and defense makes up for his low mobility. Thanks to his magnificent strength, he can throw objects better than any other fighter. In the anime, he demonstrates his brute strength when he wrecks some things in the gambling hall.

In his Power Change form, Gunrock resembles a stone golem able to throw large rocks and shake the ground with his weight.

Power Drive
GunGunRock Gun Gun Rock (ガンガンロック)
Gunrock tosses a massive boulder at his opponent. In the anime, it was used against one of Valgas' wrestling team in Episode 25.
RockCrush Rock Crush (ロック・ザ・クラッシュ, "Rock the Crush")
Gunrock jumps into the air before slamming back to the ground, stunning his opponent. In the anime, it was called Rock Slab.
Power Fusion
Rock n Roll Rock 'n' Roll (ロックンロール)
Gunrock increases in size and starts rolling to crush anything in his way. In the anime, he uses to beat Falcon with this move even destroying his own home. The move stops when Falcon in his Power Change form defeats him with Power Missile in a single shot. He later uses this move to defeat Octo in his robotic drill form and as a second attack.
Earthquake Earthquake (アースクエイク)
Gunrock stomps the ground several times, causing an earthquake and making several rocks fall from the sky.


Power StoneEdit

Appearance Aうが〜Ugaaa
Appearance B力くらべじゃ
Kiai (small)ふんHumph
Kiai (medium)おらっOraah
Kiai (big)かぁっKaaah
Combo Lastよっしゃ〜Alrighty
Throw Missなんじゃ?What?
Setting Object Throw/Kick/Pushどっか〜ん
Hit (small)ぐっGuh
Hit (big)うぐぉUguo
Hit (ぶっとび)ぐぁーGuaah
AvoidingどっこいHold on
Item Getこいつはいい!This fellow is good!
Victory (1)どいつもこいつも軟弱だ...
Victory (2)負け分は払ってくれよ!
During Transformation 1 (1P side)力が湧いてくるぞ!The power is coming!
During Transformation 2 (2P side)がっはっはっ〜Gahhahhahh
Special Move P1やったるで〜I'll do it
Special Move P2+K1どっか〜ん!Whaaam!
Special Move K2うしっうしっうしっUshih ushih ushih
Super Special Move PJだぁ〜Daaa
Super Special Move KJこれで終わりじゃ〜Now is the end


Gunrock is a man from Gold Land that dreams of becoming rich quickly, continuously attempting to obtain fortunes like the Power Stones. He is a splendid father with a generous heart, takes everything easy and never fazes. He is skilled at paying out and has great physical strength. He loves gambling (especially playing cards) and drinking. He works in a mine. He also is a father to five obese sons who all have the same appearance. Additionally, he is later married to Cassie (Falcon's former love interest) and has three children making his children into 8.


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