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Power Stone 2
Vital statistics
Title Evil Chef
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 168cm
Weight 102kg
Stage None
Main item Wok Gun
Appearances Power Stone 2
Voice actor Ryuzaburo Ohtomo

Gourmand (グルマン Guruman) is a playable character from Power Stone 2.


Gourmand is the head chef on the luxurious airship Royal Heaven, which sails aroud the world. Secretly, he is a ravenous chef who will do anything to get his hands on rare delicacies. One day, he learns about the existance of a mysterious flying castle. "Does it have new ingredients no one has seen before?" Conveniently, a huge shadow falls across the path of the Royal Heaven, making his ship tremble. Gourmand jumps ship with his kitchen knife and frying pan in hopes of finding new food to tickle his fancy.

In Power Stone Collection, Gourmand can be unlocked in the first Power Stone.


Gourmand has decent power despite his paunchy look. Thanks to his knife and frying pan, he has the longest reach of all the figthers.

When transformed, Gourmand becomes an extremely powerful dinosaur with extensive range.

Power Drive
Fall Etansel
Power Fusion
L Chef du Franmu
R Plat de Résistance


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