The flying castle in the title screen

The flying castle, also called floating castle, is the main setting from Power Stone 2, a gigantic castle ruled by Dr. Erode that appear once in a while in the skies of the Power Stone world. The playable characters ended up captured in this castle for varying reasons, and they must find a way to escape.


Castle Map

In the beginning, the player can warp to one of five areas, and in the end of the battle two of the other four areas are randomly selected to be choosen. The third area is a battle against Pharaoh Walker. After its defeat, two areas are randomly available, this being the last choice (the two remaining areas are not visited in the current play). With it clear, the character(s) go to the Chaos Area in the bottom of the castle to face Dr. Erode. After Dr. Erode's death, the castle starts collapsing and the fighters uses the Hockenheim to escape.


  1. Player Select: "Fight for your freedom! Escape from the castle!"
  2. First Area: "A solid beginning may lead to a perfect ending. Go for it!"
  3. Second Area: "You are the champion. Keep it up!"
  4. Third Area: "Hey! Don't go soft now! Your journey is only just begun!"
  5. Fourth Area: "Your skills are unmatched! The end is almost ahead. Never give up!"
  6. Final Area: "You've made it to the final battle. It's all or nothing now. Good luck!"


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