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Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower is an item from Power Stone and Power Stone 2.

Power Stone[]

Flame Thrower is one of the weapons available.

Power Stone 2[]

Item No. 4 Flame Thrower Level 1 Firearms Mini Book
Description Use it to heat things up. Just remember that it's old.
Duration Use Buy 4500 Sell 800


Created from[]

Item Book:

  1. Flame Element + Gun
  2. Flame Element + Machine Gun
  3. Fire-Bottle + Soap Bubble Gun


  • ?


Item Result
Magic Rod Flame Rod
Mystic Rod Flame Rod
Weird Rod Flame Rod
Fire Cracker Wok Gun
Legendary Sword Flame Sword
Angel Wing Devil Wing
Oil Fire-Bottle (x2)
Gunpowder Hand Grenade
Fire Dragon Element Wok Gun