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Final Valgas

Final Valgas (ファイナルヴァルガス Fainaru Varugasu) is the final boss from the first Power Stone game.

After Valgas obtains the power from the Power Stones in Avalon Is., he transforms into a huge monster. The only vestige of Valgas is his deformed head near his new face. He appears to no longer have intellect, only mindlessly crushing anything in his way.

Final Valgas can be unlocked in the Dreamcast and PSP versions of the game after completing the game with Valgas without using continues. He can only be used in versus mode, and he only fights in the same stage. It is not possible for two players to use him at the same time.

Special Moves[]

Power Drive
F.Vargas Puke Acid (酸 San)
Final Valgas releases a sour substance from his mouth.
Kick Scale (鱗 Uroko)
Fires an energy projectile from his back.
Power Fusion
J+P The Power Stone (ザ・パワーストーン Za Pawā Sutōn)
Final Valgas fires a large energy beam from his mouth.
UrokoRendan.png Scale Continuous Bullet (鱗連弾 Uroko Rendan)
Fires several energy projectiles from his back.


Final Valgas in the anime.

Valgas transforms into Final Valgas in the last episode, increasing his power, but he is destroyed by Edward Falcon.

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