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Edward Falcon
Edward Falcon
Vital statistics
Title Red Whirlwind
(赤い疾風, "Red Gale")
Light Whirlwind (in the anime's finale)
Gender Male
Age 21 (Game)[1]

17 (Anime)[2]

Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 72 kg (158 lbs)
Stage Londo
Main item Soccer Ball
Appearances Power Stone series
Voice actor Ryo Horikawa (games)
Masaya Onosaka (anime)
Robert Tinkler (English dub anime)

Edward Falcon, also known as Edward Fokker (エドワード・フォッカー Edowādo Fokkā) in Japan, is the main character from the Power Stone series.


Hailing from the town of Londo, Edward Falcon is the scion of the prestigious Falcon family and an adventurer that circles the world in his beloved "Hockenheim" airplane, searching for the Power Stones revealed in an ancient family legend. With a strong sense of justice, he specializes in boxing and vanquishes evil with sharp moves and explosive punches.

In his ending, "Endless Adventure", Falcon finally finds the Power Stone in Avalon Is., but the place begins to collapse. His father Pride rescues him with his plane, but Falcon accidentally drops the stone and blames his father's "lousy piloting" for it. Falcon swears that one day he will return and obtain the Power Stone again.

In Power Stone 2, Falcon was in a transatlantic journey to Londo with the Hockenheim when a sudden thunderstorm makes him lose control and a flying castle appears. Falcon is certain that this is the ancient mysterious castle said by his father to appear once in a while, and can't wait to see it as he was starting to get bored.


Falcon has short blonde hair and blue eyes, sporting a pair of dark brown pilot goggles on his head. He wears a classic red pilot uniform with a loose white cravat and wears brown gloves and boots. His jacket shows a United Kingdom flag logo on both of shoulders and a Michelle Heart logo on the back.

In the anime, Falcon's design remains the same like in the games, with the exception of the blue and white cross designs on both of his shoulders replacing the flags and the lack of design on the back of his jacket. Falcon also has a white short sleeved shirt or a tank top beneath his outfit. During his boxing matches, he is seen in shirtless and without his pilot goggles.

As a child, he wears a dark red formal suit jacket with a white turtleneck shirt, orange checkered pants, and brown shoes.

When he visits the opera with Ayame, Falcon wears a white formal suit with a pink long sleeved button shirt and a green bow tie.

While in his Power Change mode, Falcon wears a red jet-like metallic suit with a gray rocket on his back. During the anime finale, Falcon's second Power Change form changes to a white suit with a red cross design across the front. This form has his mouth covered, black and yellow eyes, and two white horns on the front and back of his head. The pauldrons on his metal suit are much larger and can sprout white angelic wings.


Falcon is a balanced fighter with no outstanding strengths or weaknesses. He is able to double jump. Despite his boxing skills, he can kick his opponents at the same time by using somersault. When he pulls off his combo such as beating them with his punches and knocks them with a somersault. This also happens in the anime when he uses both punches and kicks on his opponents.

Falcon's Power Change is a red android-like form able to launch many missiles. He is also able to fly with the rocket on his back, but in the games, he only does so when using Power Rocket. In the anime finale, Falcon's second Power Change form, using the Light Stone, is a white jet-like android with angelic wings.

Power Drive
PowerMissile.png Power Missile (パワーミサイル)
Falcon fires a homing missile from his arm. In the anime, he uses a rocket punch that is also controlled from his mind.
PowerHurricane.png Power Hurricane (パワーハリケーン)
Falcon uses a spinning uppercut. In the anime during execution, his spinning uppercut briefly forms into a surge of flames while being covered in a powerful tornado. In later episodes, it changes into a fiery tornado during execution. Not present in Power Stone 2.
Power Fusion
PowerExplosion.png Power Explosion (パワーイクスプロージョン)
Falcon fires several homing missiles. In the anime, it became his signature move.
PowerRocket.png Power Rocket (パワーロケット)
Falcon charges at an opponent several times. This is his most damaging Power Fusion throughout the entire game. In the anime, it was his most powerful ability throughout the series where he uses to Kraken in his Power Change form during their collision but manage to lose his Aqua Stone as it was now owned by Ayame. Therefore, the move becomes a headbutt to defeat Kraken in his last stand as Ayame retrieves the Aqua Stone from him. In the anime's finale, he uses this to defeat Final Valgas as Light Whirlwind as the Dark Stone shatters into pieces inside of him.


Power Stone[]

Voice Original Translation
Intro A 準備OK! Preparation OK!
Intro B やるぞ〜! Let's do this!
Taunt さあ、来い! Come on!
Defeated NO~!
気合い (small) んっ Hm-
気合い (middle) はぁっ Hahh
気合い (big) おらっ Orah!
Combo Last これでどうだ Take this!
Throw せあっ
Throw Miss しまった Oh, no!
設定物投げ/蹴る/押す 受け取れ! Take this!
Hit (small) うっ Ugh-
Hit (big) ぐぁっ Guah!
Hit (ぶっとび) うぁっ〜 Uwaa~!
Burned あち〜あたた... Hot! Yeeow...
つぼかぶり う、取れねえ
捉まり ほっ Hah
避け 甘いね Nice!
受け身 そらっ
Item get GET!
Victory (1) 秘石の謎は僕が解く! I'll solve the mystery of the Stones!
Victory (2) 僕の名誉にかけてっ! On my honor!
Continue 僕はあきらめないっ! I won't give up!
During Transformation 1 (1P side) さぁ、来い! Come on!
During Transformation 2 (2P side) 目覚めよ! Awaken!
Special Move P ハリケーン Hurricane!
Special Move K 行け! Go!
Super Special Move PJ GO!
Super Special Move KJ ゴォォー Goooo


Falcon is a boxer and a big fan of the world champion Valgas, dreaming to one day face him. He receives an old stone from his father in his birthday, but he has no interest in it and asks Apollus to take it back for him. However, when two pirates attempt to steal the stone, Falcon stops them. Apollus wonders if it is a Power Stone and reminds Falcon of the legend, which his father left to search for years ago.

The two pirates call reinforcements and start pursuing Falcon to steal the stone. During the pursuit he is challenged by Ryoma, who also has a Power Stone. When surrounded, Falcon decides to stop running and face them all. The rock shatters, revealing the red Power Stone that makes him transform. With his new powers, Falcon easily defeats the pirates. He is surprised by the events and wonders what his father has gotten him into.

Apollus convinces Falcon to search for his father and learn more about the Power Stones, starting his adventures. While in Wood Land, he meets Wang-Tang and the second Power Stone he received from his father makes him transform. Falcon than starts training with Wang-Tang and Ryoma.

Other appearances[]

  • Falcon has a card in the first two games from the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters series.
  • Falcon has a small cameo in Capcom vs. SNK 2 in the Nairobi stage. He is on the left side, standing on a car with his back turned to the screen next to Leona from The King of Fighters series.
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 , Falcon appears as a card in the Heroes & Heralds mode.
  • Falcon appears as one of Nick's costumes with a similar moveset in the Dead Rising 3 DLC Content, "Super Dead Rising 3" .



  • Falcon and his Power Change form could be based on the Rocketeer.
  • Michelle Heart, the protagonist from the game Legendary Wings, appears in Falcon's clothing, in his plane Hockenheim, and in his item Soccer Ball.
  • Falcon's original name could be a reference to the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.


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