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Arm Gun (アームガン) is an item from Power Stone 2 that fires homing energy shots.

Power Stone 2[]

Item No. 13 Arm Gun Level 6 Firearms Mini Book
Description With its powerful homing ability, it never misses a target.
Duration Use (x8) Buy --- Sell 72000


Created from[]

Item Book:

  1. Powerful Buster + Medusa
  2. Beam Sword + Medusa (main)
  3. Powerful Buster + Beam Sword (x2)



Item Result
Bazooka Homing Missile
Ray Gun Beam Gun (main), Ray Gun, Soap Bubble Gun
Beam Gun Powerful Buster
Magic Rod Tranquilizer Gun
Medusa Petrifier
Big Racket Powerful Buster
Skateboard Homing Missile
Stick Bomb Punching Gloves (main) or Punching Gloves (x2)
Power Stone Magazine Powerful Buster (main) or Powerful Buster (x3)
Rabbit Paw Rabbit Arm
Cat Paw Cat Arm (main), Wind-Up Key
Light Element Powerful Buster
Scrap Powerful Buster
Driver's License Powerful Buster (main), Flame Thrower, Ray Gun