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Apollus (アポルス Aporusu) is a character from the Power Stone anime.

He is the voiced by William Colgate.


Apollus is the butler of the prestigious Falcon family, faithfully serving Edward Falcon and his parents Pride Falcon and Jane Falcon. When Edward Falcon obtains a Power Stone from his father, Apollus accompanies him in his adventures. Apollus is quite overdramatic, which is actually one of his best qualities, and he is somewhat whiny, but nevertheless he is quite brave when needed. Due to considering him annoying, Edward Falcon always attempts to abandon him during his travels, but Apollus is determined to follow him and be of assistance.

Card back

While Apollus didn't appear in the games, the item Lance of Lava from Power Stone 2 is based on one of his Power Change attacks, and he is mentioned in its description. Also, the image in the back of card items resembles him.


Power Change

Apollus isn't a fighter, but he is quite fast for an old man, being able to follow Falcon in his travels and, with difficulty, endure several trials.

In one episode, Apollus transformed with the red Power Stone into a knight resembling Don Quixote to rescue Falcon and Pride from a monster.

ApollusLance.png Lance of Courage
Apollus points his lance to the sky and releases several energy blasts from it, which fall into the opponent.
KnightRush.png Knight Rush
Flames surrounds Apollus and he rushes at his opponent at high speed.
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