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Power Stone 2
Vital statistics
Title Vagabond Gunman
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 183cm
Weight 69kg
Stage None
Main item Thunderbolt Rider
Appearances Power Stone 2
Voice actor

Accel (アクセル Akuseru) is a playable character from Power Stone 2.


Accel is a vagabond gunman that was ambushed by a group of rough and tough guys in a town of outlaws. They tied Accel to a hot air balloon and let him loose in the skies, and he fainted. When he regained consciousness, Accel was in a flying castle and had a Power Stone in his hand. Feeling its power, his blood boils and his soul thirsts for justice. Accel than speeds his pace to find his way out and serve justice to those guys.

In Power Stone Collection, Accel can be unlocked in the first Power Stone.

Special Moves[]

High basic abilities and dual guns are Accel's strength. He can shoot opponents at a distance, even using wall and pole attacks.

After Power Change, Accel becomes the fastest of all the fighters, and is able to transform into a vehicle.

Power Drive
Beat Assault
Power Fusion
Crazy Revolver
Wild Buzzsaw


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